Name Ilona
Age 20
Height 170 cm / 5’58 ft
Weight 55 kg
Country United Kingdom
City London
Listing type Female (agency)
Nationality Romanian
Etnicity White
Hair Colour Brunette
Eyes Brown
Smoker No
Sexual Prefer Bisexual
Availability Incall & Outcall

Sexy Romanian brunette Ilona has just recently turned twenty and transferred to the UK. This naughty teen is now a naughty twenty-year-old with the brash self-confidence that only the very young possess. She boasts a drop-dead figure together with a beautiful face and lustrous long dark brown hair. Fitness? Ilona hasn’t even thought about following a fitness routine yet because youth is on her side. She has personality and charisma to spare. Ilona gets what Ilona wants. This determined young lady is set on enjoying life to the fullest and experimenting with everything that life has to offer her.

Ilona’a friends depict Ilona as a headstrong young woman with lots of temperament. They say she is passionate and determined about whatever she does. If one among their group of friends will succeed in life, it will be Ilona. They describe her as independent, disinhibited, and beautiful…. in other words, exactly like a thoroughbred racehorse. She can be dominating but also extremely sensitive and will defend anyone close to her.

Ilona is a chess fan and loves to play daily. She has an aptitude for strategy and apparently is quite a good player. She began playing as a teen in school and was on the chess team. She admits that she really likes to win especially in a game that requires mental acumen! This girl will never be considered dumb just because she is so beautiful.

What is Ilona’s idea of a good time? Something daring! She’d like to try skydiving from a plane, delta planning, bungee jumping off a bridge, or rock climbing up a cliff. Anything to get that adrenalin flowing! And after the adventure, she’d like some relax time in a Jacuzzi hot tub with a cold beer and some mutual massaging with a special adventuresome friend.

SERVICES Girlfriend experience, French kissing, Erotic massage.
Rate 1 Hour Incall: £150 / Outcall: £200
Rate 2 Hour
Rate 3 Hours
Rate Dinner
Rate Overnight
Phone: +44 7500 77 55 88
Whatsapp: –
E-mail: [email protected]
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